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Above: states where zoosexual activity is penalized as a misdemeanor are light red, states where zoosexual activity is penalized as a felony are dark red, and states where zoosexual activity is legal are green (note: some territories, such as Guam, are shown at the bottom) — New Jersey is yellow, indicating that there is current anti-zoosexual legislation there which may or may not be enacted.

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There are a number of states and territories (about 30%) which are zoo-friendly, but there are also a number of states and territories (about 70%) which are not.

Zoosexuality is defined as the sexual attraction to an animal (a sexual orientation), and bestiality is the act of a human having sex with a non-human animal. Technically, the term “bestiality” should not even exist, since humans are animals. But for clarification-related purposes, “bestiality” is still used in the context of humans having sex with non-human animals. (To prove that word “bestiality” is speciesist, consider the fact that if two other species, for example a pig and a dog had sex, it wouldn’t be called “bestiality”, yet it is when a human is involved, even though humans are animals). Because the word “bestiality” is intrinsically speciesist and has negative connotations, I will instead use the terms “zoosexual acts” and “zoosexual activity” (those are the politically correct terms).

Ultimately, there should not be laws which prohibit ethical zoosexual activity (i.e. in which no cruelty is involved); unfortunately, this is not the case in many territories. Unjust, discriminatory anti-zoosexual laws unfairly place ethical zoosexuals in the same category as “zoosadists” (unethical zoosexuals). Ethical zoosexuals who have sex with animals and inflict no cruelty whatsoever should not be penalized, and yet unjust laws do penalize them in many territories.

In the United States, as of 2014 there are only 11 states where zoosexual activity is legal (i.e. there are no laws against it). In Montana and North Carolina, courts ruled the anti-zoosexual laws as unconstitutional, citing the fact that they infringed on people’s right to do what they want in the privacy of their homes. However, the legality of zoosexual acts in North Carolina remains uncertain, especially since its archaic “crime against nature” law is still on the books there. Also, the court ruling in NC seems to have not applied to zoosexuality, meaning it is still illegal there — and as recently as 2013, people were still being arrested in NC and charged with NC’s archiac “crime against nature” felony. The legality of zoosexual activity in Montana is less certain(due to the MT court ruling, which was worded differently in comparison to the NC ruling) — however, the anti-zoosexual law in Montana is still on the books there.

In 2013, the anti-gay part of Montana’s archaic “crime against nature” law was repealed, but the zoosexual part was NOT repealed. The same is true for Virginia: in 2014, the anti-gay part of Virginia’s crime against nature law was repealed, but the zoosexual part was NOT repealed. This shows just how much prejudice, bigotry and intolerance people still have against zoosexuality — that they are willing to keep a draconian, onerous, archaic, irrational law on the books just to persecute people for their sexual orientation.

The fact that 39 U.S. states have banned zoosexuality is extremely upsetting and profoundly disturbing. ALL laws banning ethical zoosexual activity need to repealed; but it will be an uphill battle for zoosexual advocates, especially since there are no openly zoosexual lobbyist groups. In addition, the United States does not have a large and powerful pro-zoosexual rights organization which (if it existed) would fight to repeal anti-zoosexual laws. Until such measures are taken, zoosexuals living in America will continue to live in secrecy and fear. Right now, 72% of U.S. states and territories have discriminatory and unconstitutional anti-zoosexual laws which unjustly criminalize the lifestyles of many hundreds of thousands of people. Thankfully, there is at least one state in each U.S. region which allows zoosexual activity (but unfortunately there aren’t many of them).

However, zoosexual activity is only technically legal in those 11 states, and that means that zoosexual people are still not fully protected in many of those states. For example, one of the 12 states where zoosexual activity is “legal” is Ohio, and in that state (in May 2011) a zoosexual person was arrested and charged with animal “cruelty”, proving that even in a state with no laws against zoosexual acts, people can still be charged with animal “cruelty”, even though zoosexual acts usually do not involve cruelty. It is because of this that I have decided to figure out which states are not full of delusional lawmakers who assume that any kind of human-animal sexual interaction is cruelty. People that think that any kind of human-animal sexual interaction is bad have prejudicial, pre-conceived notions of what they think is “normal”, and are likely intolerant because of religious beliefs or just plain ignorance. Unfortunately, there are a lot of legislators and lawmakers out there who are not smart and make really bad laws. And among those really bad laws are laws prohibiting zoosexuality.

Because of this, it is wise to figure out states have anti-zoosexuality laws, which states enforce those laws, which states don’t have any anti-zoosexual laws, and which states are like Ohio and don’t have any anti-zoosexual laws but arrest people anyway:

The 22 jurisdictions (states and territories) where zoosexual acts are illegal and punished as a misdemeanor are:

Alabama, Alaska*, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine*, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, US Virgin Islands, Utah, Wisconsin

*Second offense is a felony

The 19 jurisdictions (states and territories) where zoosexual acts are illegal and punished as a felony:

Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia*, Washington (state)

*A recent court ruling in VA could render its “crime against nature” law invalid, but that court decision was mainly concerned with homosexual humans; as of December 2013 zoosexual people were still being arrested in VA and charged with this archaic and discriminatory law

The 16 jurisdictions (states and territories) where zoosexual acts are technically legal: American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Hawaii, Kentucky, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Texas, US Minor Outlying Islands, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming

note: legal status of zoosexuality in Montana is unclear — court has ruled it unconstitutional, but law making it a felony is still on the books there (similar to situation in Virginia)

U.S. territories should not be forgotten: as mentioned above, it should be noted that ethical zoosexual sex is technically legal in American Samoa, Guam, and the District of Columbia, which is the way it should be. However, it is illegal in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition, it is also worth noting that in the state of Connecticut, the misdemeanor penalty is elevated to a felony if the subject is under sixteen years old; however, it is unclear if CT’s age requirement applies to non-human animals.

It should also be noted that that zoosexual acts are punished in Louisiana and North Carolina with vague, archaic “crime against nature” laws. It is also banned in Kansas under an archaic sodomy law. Chances are that at some point in the future, these archaic laws will be repealed. (Though, unfortunately, in places like Rhode Island and Montana, only the part of the state’s respective sodomy law dealing with human homosexuality was repealed, not the anti-zoosexual part).

A few of the anti-zoosexual states have also banned the possession and creation of zoosexual pornography; some of the states that have banned zoosexual pornography include South Dakota, Washington state, Alaska and Alabama. However, most of the anti-zoosexual states do not it (meaning that in roughly 40 out of the 50 states, zoosexual pornography is legal). Keep in mind that Alabama’s law is brand new, and any law containing a prohibition on zoosexual pornography was created in the 21st century.

What is particularly scary is that most anti-zoosexual laws have been created in the last 15 years (this is a disturbing trend):

“For centuries, zoosexual acts were penalized under sodomy or “crime against nature” laws. In recent years, most of these laws have been repealed, but in some territories they have been replaced by laws which are specifically anti-zoosexual. Most of these new laws have been created during a “surge” of intolerant anti-zoosexual legislation which occurred in the 2000s and in the early 2010s; for example, bestiality was banned in Pennsylvania in 1999, it was banned in Illinois in 2002, it was banned in Maryland in 2002, it was banned in Washington (state) in 2006, it was banned in Arizona in 2006, it was banned in Tennessee in 2007, it was banned Colorado in 2007, it was banned in Alaska in 2010, it was banned in Florida in 2011 (by Nan Rich), and it could be banned in Ohio in 2012; outside the U.S., bestiality was banned in Norway in 2008, it was banned in The Netherlands in 2010, and it was banned in Australia’s capital territory in 2011. Anti-zoosexual legislation is a recent development, possibly caused in part by exposure to bestiality (and awareness of it) via the Internet.”

Now comes the hard part: determining which states are more zoo-friendly, and which are not. Here are the top 24 states/territories that a zoosexual person should not live in, based on previously reported discrimination. Also, the states listed below are states where laws against zoosexuality have been enforced (note: arranged in alphabetical order):

#1 – Alaska — For decades, zoosexual acts were completely legal in Alaska. But in 2010, prejudicial politician Bob Lynn (the Alaskan counterpart to Nan Rich) created unjust anti-zoosexual legislation which eventually became law. Zoosexual acts are now illegal in Alaska (as a misdemeanor) and the creation of zoosexual pornography has also been criminalized. In addition, more than one instance of zoosexual activity is now punished as a felony because of this new bulls**t law. Thanks to the bigotry of Bob Lynn, zoosexuals have lost their rights in AK. As of 2013, no one has challenged this unjust and unconstitutional law.

#2 – Arizona — This is one of the worst states for a zoophile to live in. Until 2006, it was pretty much legal to have sex with an animal in Arizona, but because of bigoted and dogmatic politician named Joe Arpaio, it became illegal (a felony) in 2006. Since then, there have been a number of discriminatory anti-zoo arrests, including multiple cases involving anti-zoosexual stings (thankfully, such stings are rare and only seem to occur in Arizona’s Maricopa county).

Because of Joe Arpaio and his bigoted anti-zoosexual crusade, Arizona is definitely one of the worst places in the world for zoosexuals to live in.

#3 – Connecticut — Not the worst state for a zoosexual person to live in, but not the best either. Connecticut’s anti-zoosexual law has been quietly embedded into a law called “sexual assault in the fourth degree” — in it, having sex with an animal is listed as a misdemeanor. The law also states that if the subject is under sixteen years old, it could be counted as a felony, but it is unknown if this applies to non-human animals. Connecticut should probably be avoided by zoosexuals.

#4 – Delaware — Delaware is a tiny mid-Atlantic state in which zoosexual activity is penalized as a class D felony. Zoophiles should avoid Delaware (which shouldn’t be a problem since Delaware is the 2nd-smallest state in the U.S.)

Update: in Delaware in early 2013, an innocent couple performing private, ethical zoosexual acts were unjustly arrested and each charged with “felony counts” of Delaware’s discriminatory anti-zoosexual law. This is an indicator that Delaware is one of the most anti-zoosexual states in the U.S.

#5 – Florida — The only reason zoosexual activity is illegal in Florida is because of ignorant and bigoted politician Nan Rich, who spent nearly five years trying to single-handedly ban it in her state. She finally succeeded in 2011, and it is now illegal in the state (a misdemeanor). but even before it became illegal, people were still being arrested and charged with animal “cruelty”, even in cases where clearly no harm occurred. For the time being, zoophiles residing in Florida must be extremely cautious because their rights are no longer protected. However, Florida is not the worst state for zoophiles since it is only a misdemeanor there (and not a felony).

There is also something else to worry about in Florida: hurricanes.

#6 – Georgia — Georgia is a terrible state for zoophiles to live in. It is a felony there, and the law has been enforced. Minimum penalty for zoosexual activity in GA: 1 year in prison. Maximum penalty for zoosexual activity in GA: 5 years in prison.

#7 – Idaho — In Idaho (where zoosexual activity is penalized as a felony), the minimum punishment is 5 years in jail. Idaho is one of the few states that has willfully failed to get rid of its archaic anti-gay and anti-zoo law.

#8 – Illinois — In 2002, zoosexual acts became a felony within the state of Illinois, so it’s probably a good idea for zoophiles to avoid Illinois. Like in Tennessee, the courts of Illinois have a considerable amount of power; they can do lots of bad things to zoosexual people, like take away their animals or force them to not own animals.

#9 – Indiana — Zoophiles should not live in Indiana — it is a felony there and their discriminatory anti-zoosexual law has been enforced as recently as 2011.

Perhaps the most insane thing about Indiana is that if a person kills an animal with electrocution, the punishment is only a misdemeanor, whereas if a person in Indiana has ethical sex with an animal, the punishment is a felony. This is an example of how the lawmakers in Indiana are a bunch of ignorant bigots who make unfair and unjust laws, in which the punishment for having sex with a animal is more severe than the punishment for torturing and killing an animal. That is f***ed up.

#10 – Louisiana — Zoosexual people should avoid Louisiana because the authorities there have been known to prosecute zoosexuals using Louisiana’s archaic, discriminatory “crime against nature” law. For example, in 2012 a Louisiana man who was in a sexual relationship with his dog was arrested and charged with the discriminatory “crime against nature” law (a law which has been repealed in almost all states because of its bull**** premise — the false claim that gay/zoo sex is “unnatural”). Until recently, the “crime against nature” law in Louisiana resulted in a felony punishment, but recently the penalty for it was demoted to misdemeanor status (on first offense).

#11 – Maryland — Maryland is definitely a place that zoosexual people should avoid (if they have to live in the mid-Atlantic region, WV, NJ, VA and DC are better choices). Zoosexual acts are illegal in Maryland and punished as a misdemeanor. In addition, the punishment for zoosexual acts in Maryland is 10 years in prison (or at least that is what a judge is capable of creating under MD’s discriminatory and unjust anti-zoosexual law). In recent years, there have been innocent zoosexual people arrested in Maryland.

#12 – Massachusetts — Though the anti-zoosexual law in Massachusetts has recently been “softened”, it was not repealed, and zoosexual activity remains illegal in MA. In MA, zoosexual activity is penalized as a felony; the maximum penalty is 20 years in prison, but as of 2012 MA’s archaic law has rarely (if ever) been enforced; nonetheless, MA should still be avoided by zoosexual people.

#13 – Michigan — Another state zoophiles can forget about living in, unless they want to hide in a basement for their entire lives. There are always new stories about people in Michigan being arrested for engaging in zoosexual acts. In addition, the anti-zoosexual penalties in Michigan are particularly severe, possibly more severe than any other state (i.e. decades in prison). In Michigan, the maximum penalty for zoosexual activity is life in prison.

#14 – Mississippi — Bad state for zoophiles to live in for a number of reasons; not only are people really conservative, but there is a lot of bigotry there and human-animal sexual interactions are a felony there. The maximum penalty for zoosexual activity in MS is 10 years in prison.

#15 – North Carolina — The status of anti-zoosexual laws in North Carolina has been confusing and unclear for a long time, but it appears to be illegal there. There is still an archaic and discriminatory “crime against nature” law on the books in NC, and that is that law that the authorities in NC use to prosecute zoosexual people. Although part of that law was ruled unconstitutional, the part of it that was ruled unconstitutional does not appear to apply to zoosexual activity. Because of this, NC authorities have continued to persecute zoosexuals, and from 2010 to 2012 there were several arrests in which the unfair and unjust “crime against nature” law was used. North Carolina is currently a legal mess that zoosexual people should avoid — at least until their archaic “crime against nature” law is repealed.

Update: NC should definitely be avoided by zoosexual people. In September 2013, a Fort Bragg couple who engaged in ethical zoosexual sex with their dogs were unjustly arrested and both charged with felonies under NC’s discriminatory and bigoted “crimes against nature” law that NC never got around to repealing. NC has failed to repeal its “crime against nature” law probably because lawmakers in NC have an anti-gay and anti-zoosexual prejudice/bigotry.

#16 – Ohio — Although zoosexual activity is technically legal in this state, the 2011 Shelby case proved that zoophiles must still be vigilant about what they do, because apparently the politicians in that state are hateful, intolerant people who want to eradicate zoophiles from the planet. Also, future prospects for Ohio zoophiles looks dim — there is now legislation currently in progress which will make zoosexual activity a felony in Ohio. Zoosexual people who live in Ohio should seriously consider moving to another state.

Update: the anti-zoosexual legislation in Ohio died and never became law, but prejudicial politicians may attempt to create an anti-zoosexual law in the future.

#17 – Oklahoma — Oklahoma is one of the worst states regarding zoophiles. Zoophiles living in Oklahoma should probably leave it ASAP. In addition to the fact that zoosexual activity is a felony in Oklahoma, zoosexual activity is punishable in Oklahoma with a maximum of 10 years in prison. Also, Oklahoma has “Big Brother” law which mandates that any person convicted of zoosexual activity be “supervised” with surveillance (after leaving prison) for an “indefinite” amount of time. Oklahoma is probably one of the only places to have this kind of authoritarian bull****.

#18 – Puerto Rico — The small, mainly Hispanic “pseudo-state” of Puerto Rico lists zoosexual activity as a felony, though this law seems to rarely be enforced there.

#19 – Rhode Island — like Delaware, Rhode Island is a tiny northeastern state which penalizes zoosexual activity as a felony. Unlike states like Arizona and Washington, the law in Rhode Island has rarely been enforced. However, the penalties in RI are quite severe — the penalty for zoosexual activity in RI is a minimum of 7 years in jail, and a maximum of 20 years in jail.

The only reason zoosexual activity is illegal in Rhode Island is because of an archaic “crime against nature” law. In 1998, the part of that law dealing with homosexuality was repealed, but the anti-zoosexual part of it was NOT repealed. So now (unfortunately) it will be difficult to get RI’s archaic anti-zoo law repealed since there will be no pressure from LGBT groups to repeal it.

It is also worth noting that authorities in Rhode Island do not seem to take RI’s draconian anti-zoo law very seriously. For example, in the past 15 years there have only been 2 cases in RI which involved zoosexual activity alone — in the first case, the charges were dropped entirely, and in the second case the person’s charge was downgraded to minor animal cruelty.

#20 – South Carolina — The state of South Carolina is well-known for condemning zoosexuals; most recently, a man in South Carolina was arrested for having sex with a horse (and this incident was made fun of on shows like the Daily Show). Additionally, bestiality/zoosexuality is a felony in this state. The maximum penalty in SC is 5 years in jail and a fine.

#21 – South Dakota — Zoosexuals are punished severely in South Dakota (with a felony) if they are outed or if people find out about their secret desires (witch hunts can occur). There are also unjust laws against zoosexual pornography in SD.

#22 – Tennessee — Another bad state for zoophiles. Human-animal sexuality is a felony there, and arrests have been made in recent years. Tennessee is notably bad in the sense that the courts of TN are given an unusual amount of power (i.e. they can order zoophiles to never own animals again).

#23 – Virginia There is an archaic law in Virgina which prohibits “carnally knowing a beast” (a felony), and since it is so broad and vague it has been used a number of times in the state by self-righteous, prejudicial politicians. However, in 2013 an court (the Fourth Circuit) ruled in a 2-1 ruling that this law is unconstitutional and cannot be used. Thus, even though the law is still on the books in Virginia (as of late 2013), it has been nullified — BUT, the ruling was primarily focused on homosexual human relationships and did not address the issue of zoosexuality (and this makes it easier to persecute zoosexuals with the nullified-but-never-repealed “CAN” law).

So in spite this ruling, zoosexual people should still exercise caution because those prejudicial anti-zoosexual politicians are still in power. In other words, Virginia is definitely NOT one of the most zoosexual-friendly states, and don’t count on it to be fair to zoosexuals. Ultimately, zoosexual people should avoid Virginia because their rights are not protected there (in spite of the court ruling). In December 2013, a man was unjustly arrested and charged with VA’s archaic and bigoted “crime against nature” law because he had ethical sex with a dog. What this proves is that even AFTER the court ruling which ruled VA’s “CAN” law unconstitutional, zoosexual people are STILL being unjustly persecuted and prosecuted in Virginia. If the bigoted “crime against nature” law in Virginia is completely eliminated (which has not happened yet), then it would be safer for zoosexual people to live there; but for now, because the “crime against nature” law is still on the books, Virginia is definitely a state that zoosexual people should avoid altogether.

Update: in April 2014 another zoosexual person in Virginia was persecuted and arrested (his house was raided and animals confiscated) — this irrational, bigoted bullshit continues to happen in VA; in addition, in early 2014 the anti-gay part of Virginia’s “crime against nature” law was repealed, but the anti-zoosexual part was NOT repealed

#24 – Washington (state) — No, I’m not talking about Washington D.C., I’m talking about the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Zoophiles who currently live in Washington state are strongly advised to move to another state as soon as possible because as zoophiles they have absolutely no rights in that state. All of their rights were stripped from them in the mid 2000s due to the “Mr. Hands” incident, an incident in which a man was killed after being anally penetrated by a horse. The lawmakers in the state should’ve realized that the particular act that the person engaged in was dangerous and that most zoosexual acts are not like that; however, because they were ignorant and intolerant, they decided to make all zoosexual acts illegal anyway, and now having sex with an animal is a felony in Washington; and it has been enforced in recent years. In addition, the new anti-zoosexual law in WA prohibits zoosexual pornography.

Now, here are the top 16 states/territories that zoosexual people should live in because no laws prohibit it, and people are not charged with animal “cruelty” when they have sex with animals. Note that the “weakest” states in this list (most weakly pro-zoo) are Alabama, Montana and Texas (note: arranged in alphabetical order):

#1 – Alabama — Alabama is currently the only state in the Deep South that has no discriminatory anti-zoosexual laws. Most of Alabama’s neighboring states penalize zoosexual acts with a felony. Because of this, zoosexual people living in neighboring TN, MS, GA and FL should seriously consider moving to Alabama to avoid anti-zoosexual persecution and intolerant bigots in other parts of the South.

(Note: of the 16 places listed here as being good for zoosexuals, Alabama is probably the worst. In 2012, a bill (called HB 421) is tried to outlaw “bestiality” in Alabama; in addition, a person in Alabama who had sex with a horse in 2010 was arrested and charged with “disabling livestock” (a felony in AL). In 2014 another attempt was made to criminalize it there)

The above text was struck out because Alabama signed an anti-zoosexual bill into law in July 2014; until July 2014, Alabama had been the only deep south state with no prohibition on interspecies sex

#1 – American Samoa — Although American Samoa is a territory and not a state, it is still worth mentioning here because zoosexual activity is not only legal in it, but nobody has ever been punished there for engaging in it. Because of this, American Samoa is one of the best places in the U.S. for zoophiles to live in. Unfortunately, it is in a remote part of the South Pacific.

#2 – District of Columbia — An anti-zoosexual law was repealed in DC and nobody has been charged under any “cruelty” laws, so for the time-being DC is zoo-friendly (so long as nobody talks about it).

#3 – Guam — Although Guam is a territory and not a state, it (like American Samoa) seems to be zoo-friendly: there are no laws prohibiting zoosexual acts in Guam, and there has been no history of anyone being charged with “cruelty”.

#4 – Hawaii — Hawaii is a really good state for zoosexual people to live in. Not only are there mild, tropical temperatures year round, but there are also no anti-zoosexual laws, and no history of anybody being persecuted for expressing their desires. It goes along with the laid back Hawaiian way-of-thinking, in which people are mellow, friendly and tolerant of other people’s beliefs.

However, keep in mind that Hawaii has extremely strict exotic pet laws (because Hawaii is isolated and has a lot of rare and endangered bird species, state officials worry that exotic pets would kill them off). It is against the law to own exotic pets in the state of Hawaii. Because of this, the chances of a person living in Hawaii with most kinds of exotic pets are pretty much 0%. But this is not a problem for zoosexual people who don’t own exotic pets.

#5 – Kentucky — Kentucky is a pretty good state for zoosexual people, not only because there are no anti-zoosexual laws in Kentucky, but also because of the “horse culture” that exists throughout the state.

#6 – Nevada — As the only state where gambling and prostitution are legal, it comes as no surprise that zoosexaul acts are also pretty much legal in Nevada. As it turns out, Nevada is an excellent place for zoosexual people to live, so those living in nearby Washington and Arizona can flee to NV if they want to avoid being persecuted by bigotry.

#7 – New Jersey — New Jersey is one of the best places in the U.S. for zoosexual people to live in, because there are no laws prohibiting it. When a bestiality case came before a New Jersey judge, the judge declared that nothing wrong had taken place and the person (who had oral sex with a cow) was not charged with any crime. Because of this ruling, New Jersey bestiality cases since then have been dropped, and the people “charged” with the “crime” of bestiality are allowed to walk free.

(In 2014, bulls**t anti-zoosexual legislation was introduced in the New Jersey state capitol — hopefully it will fail).

#8 – New Hampshire — New Hampshire is another good state for zoophiles to live in because of its libertarian “live free or die” mentality (i.e. what one does in one’s barn is none of the government’s business). There are also no laws against zoosexuality in New Hampshire.

It is also worth mentioning that New Hampshire is the only U.S. state which has never banned zoosexual activity at any time during the history of its statehood. All of the other 49 states banned zoosexual activity at some point in history — of those 49 states, some states (such as Vermont, Nevada and Ohio) repealed their respective anti-zoosexual state law(s) and never made new ones, while others (such as Kansas) made an anti-zoo law and still have it as of 2012; others (such as Washington, Arizona and Tennessee) repealed an anti-zoo law and then created a NEW (much harsher) anti-zoo law. NH is the only state with a clean history of no anti-zoo laws.

However, in January 2014, a New Hampshire man was unjustly arrested for having sex with dogs and charged with “animal cruelty”, even though his activities were performed ethically — hopefully, these bullsh**t charges will be dropped; he did nothing wrong and he never should’ve been arrested in the first place. In the months since January 2014, the region of Cheshire county has come out as being fiercely anti-zoosexual, unjustly charging the man with 16 “animal cruelty” felonies, just for having interspecies sex. Because of this, the Cheshire county region of New Hampshire (which includes Keene) should be avoided by zoosexual people, due to anti-zoosexual discrimination and intolerance.

#9 – New Mexico — Another good state for zoophiles (no anti-zoosexual laws). Zoosexual people living in anti-zoo Arizona should seriously consider moving here.

#10 – Northern Mariana Islands — The CNMI is a sparsely-populated U.S. territory located in the western Pacific Ocean near Guam. It has no anti-zoosexual laws.

#11 – Texas — Texas is a good state for zoosexual people to live in (it has no anti-zoosexual law). Texas is currently the largest and most populated state with no bulls**t anti-zoosexual law.

#12 – US Minor Outlying Islands — The US Minor Outlying Islands (USMOI) are all of the islands which are U.S. territory but not part of any “mainstream” state or territory. Some examples include Palmyra Atoll, Johnston Atoll and Wake Island. The federal government controls the USMOI. Since there is no federal law prohibiting zoosexual acts, zoosexuality is legal in the USMOI. However, nobody permanently lives in the USMOI, and they are extremely hard to get to. In addition, islands in the USMOI have litte-to-no infrastructure. Should the USMOI ever become inhabited in the future, this would be a good place for zoosexuals.

#13 – Vermont — Vermont is a good state for zoophiles because there is lots of farmland, no laws prohibiting it, and no reports of anyone being charged with “cruelty”. However, VT is probably not the best state for zoosexual people because an anti-zoosexual (zoophobic) organization called the VT “animal cruelty” task force” erroneously believes that ALL zoosexual activity is “animal sexual assault” (even though zoosexual activity itself is not intrinsically “cruel” and can occur ethically, ignorant people believe in the illogical and irrational belief that it is always “cruel”). Also, keep in mind that Vermont has really high taxes.

In 2000, a man was confronted by VT police after he was seen having sex with cows. The man was not arrested, he was not even fined — in fact, he was not penalized in any way because the VT authorities realized that his sexual encounters with the cows did not involve any cruelty or abuse. No charges were filed against him.

#14 – West Virginia — West Virginia is a good choice for zoophiles. In fact, it is already home to one of the only zoophile companies, Zeta Paws, which manufactures animal-shaped dildos for people’s pleasure. Keep in mind though that there has been at least one case in which a West Virginian was arrested and charged with “cruelty”, but that one specific case really did involve cruelty (it was a bad zoosexual person). It is unknown what would happen in WV if an incident occurred in which no cruelty were involved. So far, good zoosexuals seem to be safe in West Virginia.

#15 – Wyoming — Wyoming, the least populated state in the U.S. and also one of the largest states in the U.S., has vast open areas of ranches. It also has a libertarian atmosphere which is at least somewhat tolerant of zoosexual activity, so long as no one makes a big deal out of it. Wyoming is a good state for zoophiles to live in because there are no laws prohibiting it, and nobody has been persecuted for being “cruel” to animals.

For now, (if Montana is not counted), the only western U.S. states that have no anti-zoosexual laws are Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada and Hawaii.

Although this post has been about laws in the United States, I want to briefly mention some countries that are very anti-zoosexual. The following countries have very anti-zoosexual laws: Canada (at the federal level), Australia and Kenya. It is worth noting that in 2013 in Kenya, a man was sentenced to 10 years in prison just because he (ethically) had sexual intercourse with a goat.

Also, remember that interspecies sex is legal in all 31 Mexican states (and in Mexico’s Federal District). As of 2014, zoosexual activity was not criminalized in any of Mexico’s 32 jurisdictions.

Anti-zoosexual laws in both the U.S. and around the world were created based on intolerance, bigotry, discrimination, irrationality, ignorance and fear. With regard to the issue of zoosexuality, many jurisdictions (from Tennessee to Arizona to Kenya) are living the dark ages, with draconian laws and anti-zoosexual attitudes reminiscent of those in the medieval ages. Many jurisdictions have moved forward and become enlightened on the issue of homosexuality, but when it comes to zoosexuality most jurisdictions are archaically stuck in the medieval dark ages. (Though admittedly, zoosexuals in the dark ages were often executed, and as of 2013 that kind of extreme penalty only exists in a few places such as Saudi Arabia). Nonetheless, it is shameful how stuck-in-the-past places like North Carolina and Arizona are in terms of their discriminatory and bigoted laws against zoosexuals.

Below is an animated GIF of how the number of anti-zoosexual states has grown dramatically over the past 16 years:

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  1. I really appreciate this article, Thanks so much.. I’d like to post a link for people’s further reference regarding the legality of Zoophilia..


    I like the background info you had, and for anyone who’s interested, I have ordered from Zeta Paws once before, and tho it took like 2 months, when I got my product, I was very pleased. (I prefer the silicone models: more variety)

  2. Those against the zoosexual are acting like cannibals wanting to chew humans up with words, and Jesus is clearly not like that. Hence he would not be against zoo. Humans will; in their mind bow before a general or corporal or Sargent or whatever military personnel with respect knowing full well they cause our children to march to their death, and yet want to fuss over a sexuality? That is being unfair to the zoo, and other sexualities to the max. That is showing the same combativeness toward the sexualities as the humans bowing to the military who sanctify human sacrifices like those that bowed to Baal. etc. No one should be against zoo, and all should hug whoever being one in love.;

  3. I’m just happy with living in Germany where it’s legal :)

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  5. Just Because A Dush Dildo (Poltishion) was Smacked it the head with a `its’ a fedral offence to be smacked in the head fedral offance to capture injure or herrass a Hafenmann Burro in no way shape or form or in any way shape for form gives any human any right to act like Berron Vlaud Munchhausen [Munchausen sindorm, Munchausen by proxy, Ficitishous disorder by proxy, Factitishous disorder by proxy] People need to be aware that in Wa state that almost everybody that has some bug up ther ass about Zoophilia Zoosexuality feals they have the right to do wrong. Because your uncurable in your views about “animal right” give no man or woman any right to segrogate anglogate any human beaning for ther sexuality regardless if they are gay bi zoo pan hedro or whatever.

  6. I as a Zoo in Wa state feal as though society military ect. is trying to discurage my rashional nature as a fealing thinking human beaing with thoughts and a sole. Understaning Beastility and Zoophilia Dr Hani Juils wrote “The moreal majority accuses us of breaking the laws of `God’ and/or Nature. I am convinced the only reason we have not fought more is that most people don’t know we excist and most Zoos keep to them self.”

  7. #13 – West Virginia — West Virginia is a good choice for zoophiles. In fact, it is already home to one of the only zoophile companies, Zeta Paws, which manufactures animal-shaped dildos for people’s pleasure. Keep in mind though that there has been at least one case in which a West Virginian was arrested and charged with “cruelty”, but that one specific case really did involve cruelty (it was a bad zoosexual person). It is unknown what would happen in WV if an incident occurred in which no cruelty were involved. So far, good zoosexuals seem to be safe in West Virginia.

    Well, now you can know —
    There have been many cases (aside from the one mentioned above) in WV in the past…
    The following are three that I am aware of…

    Case 1 —- Animal: Mare —- Sometime in the 60’s (? not quite sure), a person (name and location withheld) was brought on charges of bestiality/cruelty.
    The person was engaged to be married to a human partner but was having an affair on the side with their animal.
    The only thing I know is that the argument ended in the animal owner telling the court that since the animal was theirs, they could do with it as they pleased.
    Since this made the judge angry, the person was ordered to marry their human partner or else the animal would be taken and put down.

    Case 2 —- Animal: Mare —- There was a case in the mid to late 80’s in WV (location withheld) which a person (name withheld) was brought on possible charges of bestiality/animal cruelty.
    It was argued that the person was mentally ill and by doing such a thing, would pose a threat to others (basing the argument on old ignorance that people who would harm an animal will also harm others).
    Defense argued that the person was not mentally ill and proved by evaluation that the person involved was “stable” (no pun intended).
    It was argued that the definition of Cruelty must include actual beating or harm to; force such as tying or restraining so as to prohibit escape; withholding food and or water; etc.
    Although sex was involved, no harm or actual cruelty (as defined) was found and the case was dismissed.

    Case 3 —- Animal: Ewe (Fem. Sheep) —- A person was caught having sex with an animal in a “Live Nativity” during the 2002 holidays.
    Although the person was caught with their “fingers in the cookie jar” (so to speak, and not a finger)… No animals were harmed.
    Although the person was ordered to undergo an evaluation, the only charges were destruction of property (for breaking into the area) and illegal trespassing.

  8. The legal system is like a mini war between humans with the accuser trying to make themselves superior over the other. That is what this whole battle with the zoosexuals is really about, trying to be artificially better than another human using the wisdom of men,and not God who by the way is Jesus,and Jesus gives living water, and all good things. KJV says that for God so loved the world. Love does not condemn anyone, and that son was himself that came down to walk with us. They call this a nation under God, but God would not have mini wars going on. It is because of a misinterpretation of the character of God we have mini wars in the legal system. That Judge giving an ultimatum of marrying the other or kill the dog is ruling by fear, and Satan rules by fear. What that judge wanted can be described as a shot gun wedding, marry whoever or I will kill your pet. That is the height of cruelty.

    1 Cor 3:19 ,K J B For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.
    Psalm 73:22 ;So foolish [was] I, and ignorant: I was [as] a beast before thee. KJV,
    1 Corinthians 11:31,King James Bible
    For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.
    Hebrews 12:15 ;King James Bible
    Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble [you], and thereby many be defiled.

    Bitterness sprung up in the heart of that judge,and that bitter heart defiled him,and any weak soul agreeing with the Judge.

    Sword swing stone throwing both of which Jesus did not do should stop against the zoosexual, and it should stop now, and let God see who has Jesus in them,and who does not, and the ones who do not are the ones judging wanting blood to flow like that judge threatening to make the blood of their pet to flow.

  9. Humans need to see that Jesus is not in the humans in any way whatsoever waring against the zoosexual. The devil is the originator of war beginning war in heaven a long time ago. That is who the zoosexual is up against. Humans need to resist the devil so he will flee from them, and then the zoo will find peace, and acceptance.

  10. Dammit, I live in Illinois. That sucks. :'(

    • King James Bible 1 Corinthians 4:5
      Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

      Proverbs 16:7When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

      Humans digging up what they see as evil giving accusations are not seeking peace with anyone therefore being evil in their words defiling their soul. Therefore not pleasing the Lord. .
      Proverbs 16:13 Righteous lips are the delight of kings; and they love him that speaketh right. 24Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones,27An ungodly man diggeth up evil, and in his lips there is as a burning fire.

      Luke 6:37:King James Bible
      Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.
      Humans chronically do this condemning themselves.

      Ephesians 4:32 :King James Bible
      And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.
      1 John 4 ,12,
      Enemy of the zoo is not like this
      If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

      Nether is the enemy of the zoo like this ether.
      The enemy of the zoo does not even love themselves.

  11. Exodus 22:19 KJV
    Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death.

    Leviticus 18:23 KJV
    Neither shalt thou lie with any beast, to defile thy self therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: It is confusion.

    Leviticus 20:15-16 KJV
    And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    …..If you wanna start quoting the Bible.

    • Regarding the Bible: there are many things from Leviticus that people disregard; for example, Leviticus contains Kosher laws (which Christians do not obey). There are also archaic agricultural laws in Leviticus that people do not obey, and there are also teaching about slavery in Leviticus and anti-homosexual teachings in Leviticus that people do not obey. Leviticus is definitely not the “representative” text of the Bible, even though it may have a few lines which are anti-zoosexual. As with homosexuality, a few sentences condemning something (in this case zoosexuality) cannot be extrapolated to conclude that the entire Bible is against zoosexuality. (The same is true of slavery — one cannot say that the Bible is accepting of slavery just because Leviticus says it’s OK).

      With that being said, religion should never be used as an argument against zoosexuality or homosexuality, since religion is based on belief / ignorance and not objective reality. Religion is also irrational and not based on empirical evidence.

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