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It is suggested that you read this post first: http://vividrandomexistence.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/zoosexuality-should-it-be-considered-acceptable-or-not

Being sexually attracted to horses (equinosexuality) is one of the most common forms of zoosexuality. If you are sexually attracted to horses, there is nothing wrong with you. There are hundreds of thousands of people just like you who are sexually attracted to horses. In fact, for many of them, just the sight of a horse’s rear end get them sexually aroused (source: this link). Unfortunately, most of these people are hiding in the zoosexual closet because they are afraid of being persecuted by delusional/irrational laws, and they are afraid of being socially rejected. This is because zoosexuality (and for that matter, zoophilia, interspecies sex, and the politically incorrect term “bestiality” that mainstream society uses) are very taboo subjects and are unfairly and unjustly condemned by society. The hostility towards them is irrational and based on knee-jerk prejudice. Unfortunately, there are many anti-zoosexual (zoophobic) bigots out there who are close-minded and intolerant — and they have the political power, especially in countries like the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s currently the way our ignorant society is.

Equine zoosexuality is one of the more tangible forms of zoosexuality. On the zoosexual orientation wheel, there are various types of attractions (such as to dolphins) that are logistically difficult to put into practice. But because horses and ponies are so common, it is not difficult for a zoosexual person to live an equine zoosexual lifestyle. All it takes is a rural environment (i.e. a house in the countryside), a place to keep livestock, a horse or pony, and secure area (i.e. a place where nobody will be able to spy on you and tip off people in the area about your supposedly “immoral” activities). As I have discussed in previous posts, having sex with an animal is not immoral, it is not intrinsically unethical, it is not abusive, and it is not “sick”. After all, humans ARE animals. In order for an interspecies sexual interaction to be unethical, a condition must exist. For example, if an animal is too small, then it is abusive — but because horses and ponies are so large, having sex with them is almost always non-abusive. And zoosexual activity is certainly more ethical than forced artificial insemination used on farms.

Equinosexuals engage in various kinds of interspecies sex. A human male can penetrate a horse or pony of either gender (either vaginally or anally). A human male can also be anally penetrated by a male horse, but this act is extremely dangerous and has at least once resulted in the death of the person (the penis of a male horse is much larger than a human penis); the death was of a man in Washington state named Kenneth Pinyan — he was anally penetrated by a stallion that was too large for him, and his colon was ruptured; his trip to the hospital was delayed because of the fear of being “outed” and persecuted by society — the fear of being “outed” is a result of unfair and unjust taboos surrounding interspecies sex. If there were no taboo, if zoosexuality were legalized and if people could discuss it openly, perhaps the man would have survived because he would’ve made it to the hospital faster. This kind of predicament is similar to that of people who have had an alcohol/drug overdose and are too afraid to get medical attention due to the possibility of being arrested and prosecuted (and this “delay”/hesitation often causes the victim to die) — this is similar to the predicament Pinyan was in.

Still, the death of Kenneth Pinyan is a reminder that men (and women) should never be on the “receiving end” of a human-horse sexual interaction — the horse’s penis is likely to cause severe injury to the anus/vagina of a human (because it is so large) — and in the case of Pinyan, his injury was so severe that it killed him (due to internal perforation).

A human female can be vaginally or anally penetrated by a male horse, but (as said above) this a risky act and likely to cause injury to the human. The risk associated with perforation (in both men and women) is decreased if the horse is small (i.e. a miniature horse). Human males and females can also engage in oral sex with a horse, either by stimulating the horse’s penis or by allowing to horse to stimulate the genitals of the human.

Here is some information about sexual encounters with male horses (stallions) — the following quote is about the human being the receptive partner:

“Smell like an estrus mare: Find a mare in heat, usually 5-6 days out of every 21 (I know it ain’t that easy). Approach as in 2) above; pet her flanks and work your way slowly back to rub her tush, and base of her tail. Watch her ears. If she resents this contact she will flatten them back, and swish her tail; further pursuit could lead to being kicked. If the mare does not seem to object, GENTLY dip a finger into her vulva, getting her natural aroma on your hands. Some mares will not cooperate and move away from the contact; remember, that is their choice. If the mare tolerates your advances, continue to massage her privates.[...]

Let the stallion smell the nice, fresh mare odor on your hands- he should respond with snorts, whinnies and (hopefully) an erection. Starting with his neck, pet him gently, massaging his withers and slowly working your way back to his belly and privates. Some studs will get kinda twitchy at this point, swish their tails and kick- stay close to his body, and away from his rear to be safe…avoid being mashed into the stall walls by his body. If he starts to act up quit immediately, calm him down, and start again from the beginning of this step.

Unless the horse is seeing active service his penis is probably covered with [rubbish]; it doesn’t taste great, nor is terribly useful for lubricating purposes. Wash him up with clean water or -gently- rub the accumulations from his shaft. Apply lube; K-Y works well. I’ve found its best to rub the shaft till he’s fully-erect, then transfer your attention to the head of the penis. Maintaining a steady pressure on the sensitive glans penis, let him do the
thrusting…they usually won’t come unless they can thrust-meet his strokes with your own movements. Use your own shameless imagination from this point, again being careful of kicks, love-bites, etc.[...]

For those of you into anal/vaginal sex: do NOT attempt to put his penis inside of you unless you can already accommodate something the size of a human arm and fist; you risk rupture, and peritonitis if he’s too big (plus it’d be real hard to explain what happened
to the emergency room staff”

The following quote is about female horses (mares), and is oriented with the human being on top (i.e. the one who penetrates)

“Easier said than done, sometimes! Locate a likely recipient to your advances and get to know her; spend lots of time scratching her withers and tickling her, share breath and build her trust with you-even the most receptive mares won’t have anything to do with someone they don’t feel at ease with. Get to know her on a more personal level.[...]

Determine if she’s in heat: Most (not all, but most) mares are totally unreceptive to sexual advances when they are not in estrus. In mares the cycle is 21 days on average, 16 out, then 5-6 days in, with the mare getting progressively more “hot” till she ovulates and goes out
of heat about 12 hours later.[...] She [the mare] will also “wink” at you by contracting her vaginal muscles and exposing her clitoris. Wink… wink… wink… you get the idea. The clitoris in the mare looks like a half-dollar-size replica of the stallion’s glans penis — it is located at the bottom of the vaginal opening. The mare will usually stand quietly in the squatting position until bred.

Their labia tend to get fuller and looser. If you pull them apart (carefully, don’t get kicked!) you will see that the vaginal lining is cherry-red, in contrast to its normal ruddy pink color. There will also be greater-than-usual amounts of lubrication present. The cervix is loose and drapes down in folds when in estrus; when not, it’s tight and budlike in appearance (this one’s no good unless you have access to and know how to use a vaginal speculum. Ask your vet to show you a cervix sometime; it looks like a little pink flower).

Lube up and use your fingers, tongue, penis or any other portion of your anatomy that feels good to you both, then proceed to pleasure her; move in and out of her with deep, slow strokes. I have noticed that the ‘hot spot’ in mares is not the clitoris, but about 2-3 inches in on the bottom wall of the vagina just anterior (towards her head) to the urethral opening- they respond very favorably to massage there. It is possible to (gently!) insert your arm into her and slowly fist her, feeling how beautifully warm, soft and slippery her pussy is (my mare LOVES this). When they are ready to be bred they will usually be quite loose inside, and it’s possible to reach all the way to the back wall of the vagina and her cervix. As you stimulate her she will then begin to slowly clamp down on your arm with her vagina. Move with the contractions and you will find her squeezing harder and harder as she approaches orgasm (yes, contrary to some studies I’ve read, mares DO experience orgasm, and how!). She will often squeeze with enough force to push your arm right back out. Don’t try to jam it back in or you could injure her; just continue to use your hand to massage the vestibule of the vagina as she contracts harder and harder. At this point my mare will usually begin to grunt in time to the contractions (sounds like OOOF!) until her climax is over, then she will pull away. ‘Maregasm’ is usually accompanied by a stream of urine and natural lubricants, so be careful not to get soaked unless you’re also into water sports. I usually work my mare with my hand to the point where she starts to contract, then climb on up and use my penis to finish the job. It feels great when they clamp down; they have amazing muscle control.

When they are done coming they will usually pick themselves up and move away for a bit, then be ready to go again in five minutes or so. I have whiled away many a happy hour bringing my mare to orgasm over and over. They have incredible stamina and it’s fun for both of us. When you’re both done, give her a pat on the neck, thank her and talk nice to her- don’t just take what you want and leave… cuz if yer nice she’ll remember you and be even more receptive next time.”http://www.zoophile.net/equines.php

Parts of the above quote could also be applied to having anal sex with a stallion (in which the male human is the one on “top”, i.e. the insertive one). Note that the above quote debunks the myth that animals don’t enjoy having sex humans; on the contrary, they do! Although opponents of interspecies sex often claim that animals don’t enjoy having sex with humans, the above quote (and other sources) show that this is not case, and that most animals do enjoy having sexual encounters with humans. Some animals (such as dolphins) are even fully sexually attracted to humans. There are obviously exceptions (i.e. when the animal is forced to have sex in a cruel manner), but that type of situation is rare because most zoosexuals are not cruel to animals, and most zoosexuals have a genuine compassion for animals. Remember, most heterosexual people wouldn’t rape someone; there are bad people in every group, but most are good. Also, the quote above shows that it is unfair to label interspecies sex as “rape” because in most cases the animal consents to (or rejects) sex in a non-verbal way.

Some human males enjoy sticking their penis into the vagina or anus of a male/female horse or pony (and usually the horse/pony enjoys it as well). And some human females enjoy engaging in oral sex or allowing the horse to penetrate them, but this is risky and dangerous. The point is, there are some zoosexual people out there who are ONLY attracted to horses, and these are the true “equinosexuals”. However, there are plenty of zoosexuals who are attracted to horses AND other animal species, such as domesticated dogs, humans and dolphins.

As I have said in other posts, the “consent” argument is a red herring (in terms of the claims made by anti-zoosexuals that interspecies sex is “wrong” because animals can’t “consent” to sex). The following was said about this:

“The ‘consent’ angle is an afterthought — [it is] a construct argument built to prove a point of a foregone conclusion, not to persuade”

It is hypocritical how people insist that “consent” be required for interspecies sex, and yet those same people eat the meat of animals who never gave their “consent” to be slaughtered — and they own cats and dogs who never gave their “consent” to be spayed/neutered, or confined to a house. The fact that “consent” is ignored on issues such as slaughter, hunting, and spaying/neutering, and is only considered an issue when discussing interspecies sex, is due to people’s irrational, hypocritical, inconsistent view of non-human beings.

Consider the fact that non-human animals CAN non-verbally “consent” to have sex with humans, using body language (or when the animal engages sexually with its own free will). Also consider the fact that non-human animals have sex with each other all the time without ever needing an anthropocentric “consent”. People should remember that “ubiquitous” activities (such as slaughter, hunting, spaying/neutering, experimentation, etc.) are unethical and should be banned because they are detrimental to animal’s welfare and rights, and that interspecies sex involving humans should NOT be banned because it is NOT intrinsically unethical.

Part of the reason people are hostile towards zoosexuals is speciesism (an irrational and arrogant belief that humans are “superior” to other species and that all non-human beings are “below” humans) — this belief is similar to the terms “racism” and “sexism”. People who have a prejudicial, speciesist attitude towards non-human beings irrationally view the lives of non-human animals as being “less valuable” that that of humans, and they arrogantly view non-human animals as being “inferior” to humans — because of this, when interspecies sex occurs, they fallaciously argue that the human is “degrading” himself/herself by interacting with what they think is a “lower” life-form. This speciesist prejudice, bigotry and discrimination explains why many people are irrationally hostile towards zoosexuality. People should NOT judge a relationship purely on one’s species membership.

Whenever anybody claims that having sex with a horse is automatically abuse, it makes me angry because that is not true. As already mentioned, horses enjoy sexual activity with humans, and the only reason it is prohibited is because of delusional unfair laws and irrational social taboos. Otherwise, people would be having sex with horses all the time, because there are a lot of people out there who get aroused by horses and are sexually attracted to them (and there are a lot of horses that are sexually attracted to humans). Below is a quote regarding this issue from a Scientific American article:

“[A] man’s self-reported sexual interest in mares was actually verified by a controlled, phallometric study. When hooked up to a penile plethysmograph and shown nude photos of all varieties and ages of humans, the man was decidedly flaccid. Nothing happening down there either when he looked at slides of cats, dogs, sheep, chickens, or cows. But he certainly wasn’t impotent, as the researchers clearly observed when the subject was shown images of horses. [He was aroused only when shown images of horses]. This case and related anecdotal evidence reported by the authors were important at the time because they suggested that zoophilia may be an extraordinarily rare—but real—type of minority sexual orientation. That is to say, for some people, having sex with their animal “lovers” may amount to more than just substituting human sex with the next best thing. Rather, for them, sex with nonhuman animals is the best thing.”http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/bering-in-mind/2010/03/24/animal-lovers-zoophiles-make-scientists-rethink-human-sexuality/

Here is what an equinosexual man had to say about his intimate and erotic encounter with a female horse (mare):

“So I moved down the fence line about ten feet, it was then that she went to the troff and ate. While she ate I talked to her. I told her how beautiful she was, I told her that I loved her, and I told her that no one was going to hurt her.[...] When you find her “Sweet Spot”, believe me you will know. She may stretch out her nick or make funny movements with her lips. And She may return the favor. She may reach around and scratch your back as you scratch her. She will do this in one of three ways. Either she will use her upper lip, moving it side to side on your back. Or she will use her upper teeth to rake your back. Or she will use her upper and lower teeth to nip at your back. Due to her nurturing instincts she should not hurt as long as her ears are not pinned back[...] I moved the tail to the side and started cleaning the area under the tail. Just below the base of her tail the black hairless skin puckered into a raised donut that was her anus. Below that her vulva descended to a teardrop of flesh which was divided by a vertical slit about four inches long. Take it slow, Slow is best. Start from the outermost area and working your way in saving her anal and virginal opening for last.[...]After I kissed her hello I put the lead rope onto her, then after telling her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her. As I did this I petted her, I rubbed her, and I scratched her on her neck.[...] After soaping her all up, I rinsed her off, then using the scraper I scraped the excess water off her body. Then I walked her dry which took about twenty minutes but we must have walked for thirty. As we walked we talked, granted I did most of the talking using Verbal Communication, and she used Physical Communication. From time to time as we talked, I would kiss her, and she would kiss me back. This above all told me that she felt loved.[...]

As I was finishing up with cleaning under her tail, I could not stop looking at her vagina. I felt that the time had come to go from provider, companion, caretaker, to Lover and I believed that she felt the same, but I would not know unless I tried. Her vulva was very warm and dry to the touch. She shifted her weight and then stood still holding her tail up without need for any assistance from me. I took a small tube of KY warming jell from the grooming box and put a small amount onto the end of my forefinger. I place my left hand to the left of her vagina and used my thumb to open her slightly. I inserted my index finger. She looked back and shifted her weight again, this time back toward me. She nickered softly. I worked the finger in and out, up and down, exploring by touch rather than sight. I could feel slight contractions on my finger as I pulled it out and a relaxing of the pressure as I pushed it up to my knuckle. I inserted a second and pushed in slowly, pushing and pulling, up and down, in and out, stroking her firmly. She stepped back, pushed back as if to get more of my hand into her. I did not want to try more then two fingers, the objective was not to see how much I could get in her, but to see if she would let me in her. Not only did she let me in her she started winking. Her clitoris which was about the size of my thumb, protruded from the lower inch of the slit. Then she did it again. About every three seconds or so. I had ‘turned her on’.[...]

Slowly, I increased the pace. I could feel her wink around [me], taking all of the little that I had to give her. She turned to look back at me and gave a little whinny. I leaned forward until I lay upon her hindquarters. Spreading my arms I tried to hug her. I kissed her on her spine. I closed my eyes and lost myself in her. I listened to the wet, sucking sounds of our loving. I kept thrusting, wondering what she was feeling, hoping if she was liking it as much as I did.[...] The faster and harder I thrust, the better she seemed to like it, spreading her hind feet and squatting down a bit. [...]

Giving a mare an orgasm is hit and miss, you will not succeed in ever attempt. Even with practice. In some cases it may be possible to give a mare multiple orgasms in a short time. I have been able to give my mare up to five to six and even seven orgasms in one night. After her first orgasm, she may pull away to catch her breath. But she may return for more by backing up to you tail raised.[...] Since that first night we made love, we have loved one another many, many times.[...] To me it was more about bring her pleasure and satisfaction then it was for my own self sexual fulfillment. For me I got joy from bring her joy. My goal was to make her as happy and as satisfied as possible. Three or four days out of the week, [the horse and I] would have intercourse.[...]

There are three types when it comes to Equines. Visual Communication, Verbal Communication and Physical Communication. Visual Communication: Also known as Body Language. The most common and easily recognized is when a equine will pin their ears back or flatten them and lower their head. This is a sign of aggression or irritation. It lets those around them know that they need to stop what ever it is that they are doing. If they don’t, they will get bit or kicked. Verbal Communication: If you have been around equines you may have heard them holler to their fellow equines or human friends. If you have been around them for some time, you may be able to recognize a ‘Hello’ from a ‘Where are you’. If you hear a horse making short, deep grunts and breathing hard. This usually happens when a stallion checks out a mares receptiveness. Some stallions well not much care if she is receptive. They may not take no for an answer. You may hear the mare squeal and strike out with her front foot or she may kick him. This is her way of telling him to back off. If a mare rejects or object to what ever you are doing, back off immediately and without delay.[...] Relationships: Before building a relationship, you must first build a foundation on which to build that relationship. You need respect and trust to build that foundation. Respect and Trust is never giving, It is earned. It takes time to earn their Respect and Trust. Once you have their Respect and Trust you will earn their Love. Remember, Lovemaking / Loveplay is a benefit of the relationship. NOT the Purpose of it. Love them as you would want to be Loved. Care for them as you would want to be Cared for. Love them, DON’T Use Them. The more stable the foundation, the more rewarding the relationship.[...] NEVER, EVER, force yourself onto an animal. NEVER, EVER force them to accept you.” — Racoolman, http://www.beastforum.com/index.php?showtopic=80288

(Note: the above block quote is an excerpt; to see the above quote in more detail [roughly one page long], see this link at the Zoo Wiki)

The above quote proves several things; it proves that zoosexual people do not just have sex with animals for their own enjoyment — they do it for the enjoyment of themselves and their non-human lover. Secondly, it supports the idea that most zoosexual people are not abusive towards their animals. Thirdly, it proves (once again) that non-human animals can consent to sex in their own way. All those bigots out there who condemn interspecies sex fail to realize that in most cases (such as the one above), sexual relationships between humans and non-human animals are mutually satisfying — in other words, both enjoy the sex, one is not taking advantage of the other, no injury is occurring, and the animal (in this case a horse) clearly wants to engage in sex with the human. Thus, all of those anti-zoo bigots out there seem to condemn it primarily because of their own hateful, prejudicial, intolerant beliefs about what they consider to be “normal” — they also blindly conform to the social norms of society, and never stop to say to themselves, “maybe there’s nothing wrong with it after all”. But they’ll never think that — they’re too ignorant and close-minded to think outside-the-box. Too bad for them; they are apparently missing out on a lot.

It should also be remembered that anti-zoosexuals will often construct loaded language against zoo-friendly people in order to ensure they create a “game” they can never “lose” — for example, anti-zoosexuals will often criticize zoo-friendly people by saying “you’re just rationalizing your depraved behavior”. They construct language is such a way as to undermine and de-legitimize anything positive said about zoosexuality — their attempt to dismiss anything that doesn’t agree with their anti-zoosexual worldview is due to cognitive distortions.

What many zoosexuals share in common is their ability to think outside the box. In fact, it is their ability think outside the box that has enabled them to embrace the zoosexual passions they were born with, even if they are forced to do it secretly. Only people who think outside the box can stare in the face of society, question its unethical “values” and say “you know what, you’re dead wrong; there’s nothing bad about having sex with a being who happens to be non-human”.

The Zoo-Wiki article “zoosexual video sites” claims that there a number of websites out there which contain videos of humans having sex with horses.

Much of the information above (such as the quotes) was obtained from the following sites:


As well as providing information about horses to people who are new to the equine lifestyle, the above three sites also make it clear that some kinds of human-horse sexual interactions are ethical and some are not; the above sites try to explain how a human-horse sexual interaction can be ethical (if done properly).

There is nothing wrong with ethical interspecies sexual intercourse between humans and horses

This is what I said in a different post:

“Ultimately, it is important to remember that not all sexual activity involving non-human animals is cruel/abusive. In other words, it is not intrinsically wrong for a person to have sex with a being who happens to be of a different species. Zoosexual activity can occur ethically. With this in mind, it is important for a person to refer to The ZETA Rules — it is a list of principles which is essentially a code of ethics and guide to ethical behavior regarding zoosexuality.

People who adhere to the ZETA Rules would be OK with interspecies sex involving [horses], but they would say that ANY potential discomfort, harm or injury should be avoided — they would also say that the welfare and well-being of the [horse] should be more important than the human’s well-being (in other words, treating [horses] as morally equal to humans, and with their own rights). So long as the interspecies sexual intercourse is non-harmful and non-abusive, it is not unethical.”

In my post “zoosexuality and zoophilia: size does matter”, I discuss the principle that sex with a non-human animal is unethical if involves an animal that is very small or immature — this is a principle that Peter Singer supports. In other words, it is unethical to have sex with an animal that is small because it is likely to cause harm, injury or suffering. Because horses and miniature horses are as large as humans (and in most cases, larger than humans), the act of having sex with a horse is NOT likely to be harmful, abusive or cruel. Thus, the objections to such activity (that zoophobic people make) are based on unjustifiable, flawed “moral” reasons which exist because of irrationality, speciesism, ignorance, bigotry, intolerance, and knee-jerk prejudice (not reason). This post (should zoosexuality be considered acceptable) and This post (common arguments against zoophilia and why they fail) go into this subject in more detail.

Ultimately, it is possible for a person to ethically have sex with a horse, pony, or miniature horse. If compassion is involved, if the horse is treated with respect, if the rights of the horse are respected, if the horse is treated as a “person” who is morally equal to humans, if the horse is given moral consideration, if the well-being and welfare of the horse is placed above that of the human, and if human-to-horse sexual activity occurs in a non-cruel (non-abusive) way, then interspecies sexual intercourse (between a human and a horse) is ethical. It is not intrinsically wrong for a human to have sex with a horse. Humans ARE animals, and humans are in the same category as other animal species (biologically, morally and spiritually).

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  1. The ones who condemn bestiality or zoosexuality are acting like the negitive devil,and not the Loving Lord that has a love that never changes. Accusations will spill out of the mouths of the ones against the sexualities, but compassionate words of love will come from the Lord with hugs along with it. Jesus sees the heart, and when we have Yahweh in us we too will see the big heart of the zoo or bestialist ,and judge ones self, and not another. Then give tears of joy fully accepting the ones who have sex with a different species stopping the war against them making peace.

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  3. I just had to post these things, lol I don’t know if anyone will find them as funny as I did, but they’re just videos.. lol so Here’s for you!



    ^_^ hilarious?!

  4. Thank you for giving us the links to those videos^^. The owl eventually pooped out. Pooping is what we do to the living things God gave to us.. Humans that have the Character of Jesus in them showing it to others in word, and deed will one day not have to poop ever again.
    If humans want to age restrict this video a human had better restrict the humans under18 to not see any sexual organ, not even their own. That way they will be be physiologically traumatized more than humans are now. The devil in humans that die with out Jesus in them will be ecstatic having a happy party having humans petrified about what amounts to nothing. Humans get nostalgic about Eden, but little do they know Adam,and Eve had no problem with genitalia,and neither should we.

  5. I think this article is amazing being a zoo myself and for years now not having any opportunity to start a new relationship its nice to see something other than the standard attitude towards the lifestyle because its not all about the sex there’s no difference between a zoo relationship and a “normal” human relationship aside from the fa t that we have to hide because people are so against what they don’t know and understand that they can’t appreciate it for what it is

  6. What has been giving the zoo is fear. The devil in men gives fear to humans. . Jesus in men draws humans to him with love that is amazing. Have humans with the amazing Love of Jesus who is God,and humans will come out of hiding no longer having fear of what humans will do to them.

  7. damn it, I had just got a song* out of my head when this blog reminded me of the song……damn it.

    *this song

    Comfortably Numb
  8. I’m a teen who’s really attracted to animals, almost every kind (Horses, dogs and co…) I feel bad about it,
    Maybe because deep down I still think it’s sick, but. Animals still have sexual needs, like us, humans. They also enjoy sex as much as us.
    I still don’t want to experiment it, though, I feel so bad just by thinking and getting arousing about it. I just want to avoid those thoughts that I have,
    And I would like to get aroused in more regular things than I usually get from Zoophilia.

    Heck, I'm not giving out my name!
    • What is affecting you is oppressive negativity of public thought. The beguiling evil in men gives that guilt. Like I have said before we are a species of animal. The KJV supports it,and science supports it too.
      We are animals that are born, and die the same as a beast. One needs salvation, the other is saved. We breathe, eat, drink, poop, urinate,are made of eukaryote cells, have sex, physiologically, biologically, scientifically, chemically, microscopically, instinctually, fight or flight, territorial instincts of an animal put up fences, no trespassing signs. KJV, Ecclesiastes 3;18 – 20; 18I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.
      Humans should be allowed to do whatever sex they want to do, and not give guilt to those that do not conform to their preconceived notions of what sex is to them. We all have one Judge, and the condemner will be condemned by that judge. Do good, and live.

      • I’m in the same boat as I’m not giving out my name unfortunately however I think I’m just an equinosexual and it makes me sick coz I’m christian…. I’m so torn up between my sexual urges and my commitment to the lords teachings sumtimes I feel like life just ain’t worth living

    • The :Loving Lord God is in you in a big way. Have all like you, and peace will reign on earth getting humans ready for when all things are made new.

    • You have probably been socially conditioned by society to believe that bestiality is “sick”. In reality, humans who have sex with animals are not “sick” because humans ARE animals, and there is no rational reason to call bestiality “sick”. Do not listen to what the majority of society tells you is “right” and “wrong”; for example, the majority of people in the U.S. South in the early 1800s believed that slavery was morally OK, and yet clearly it wasn’t. Always listen to your conscience — if your gut is tell you that you are sexually attracted to animals, then you are sexually attracted to animals and you should embrace that aspect of your personality. Rejecting it will only make you feel worse (i.e. “hiding in the zoosexual closet”). There are millions of people out there who are sexually attracted to animals, but they have to hide their feelings from people because the majority of people in our society are ignorant, delusional bigots who think with an “angry mob” mentality and follow the herd (they don’t think for themselves).

      Do not listen to people that say having sex with animals is “sick” — they are totally ignorant and subscribe to a particular cultural taboo; in some cultures, such as the Inuits and Native Americans, having sex with animals was accepted and not considered taboo. In fact, bestiality is actually quite natural (interspecies sex frequently occurs in nature). Part of the reason people think that bestiality is “sick” is because of the arrogant and anthropocentric belief that humans are “superior” to other animals; in reality, humans are NOT superior to other animals, and the only reason people think this is because of their huge egos (and delusional religious beliefs). Thus, having sex with an animal is not “dehumanizing” because humans were never “above” other animals to begin with!

      If you haven’t already, I suggest you read the following posts:

      I also suggest you visit http://www.beastforum.com, a “hate-free” website where people who are sexually attracted to animals (zoosexual orientation) discuss their thoughts with one another. Also look at the zoophilia article on WIkipedia.
      You should be proud of the fact that you are sexually attracted to other species — it is a wonderful thing, as millions of people have discovered. Unfortunately, our bigoted, prejudicial, intolerant society is forcing people to remain silent about their passions.

    • Mate I’m 17 an just so u knw my name is definitely not Sam haha yea I feel the same as you although I’m only atracted to horses I cnt help it a year ago for example I almost got intimate with a stallion but I couldent bring myself to do anything, paralysed by fear and shakeng from adrenalin, I ended up sleepng in the stable and throwing up haha maby you will do the sama thing maby not all I knw is u gta do what makes you feel good in the long term if that means fantasisng about touchng the huge throbbing penis of a stallion then go for it

      • religion is against you I am for you properly using Gods word KJV, yo support you, and winning .; I am therefore not a religion. Religion is the soft robed humans Jesus was against. I am a changer of religions, and a defender of all that are oppressed. Religious do not do that. We are a beast.Therefore how could sex with a Beatrisa be bad? Ecclesiastes 3;18I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts. 19For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. 20All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.
        God is trying to show us we are a beast manifest, and are in fact equal no preeminence. I am the zoosexexuals best friend using the KJV. God is both human like, and infinite. Believe me one day you will see. God is in the soul that loves. I see God in you.

  9. Don’t let demons give you guilt. You have the spirit of God in you. That’s why humans persecute you even as they persecuted jests. Satan pressured Jesus to harm himself on a high pace too. The one giving you those feelings is Satan, and not God. Do you hear me?

  10. I agree. Humans giving you guilt made you nauseated. With out lying demons in men you would not be feeling bad about that huge throbbing penis. Men would not be waring too.

    • Thanx friends I have since read a good deal of the bible an have uncovered some bizzare correlations eg the book of the bible in which my uh… Feelings are condemnd ( leviticus) also say things along the lines of ” if you wear more than one type of fabric at a time you are somewhat of an offront to god” this has all given me alot to think about ahh. I still feel friken awful about myself but maby as I mature I will feel either more self assured or lose my dark fantasys to some more commonplace stimulants what do u thnk?

      • Regarding your religious feelings, I highly suggest that you purchase the book “The God Virus”, by Darrel W. Ray. Based on what I read in that book, it would seem that your have been heavily infected by the God Virus; for example, feelings of guilt are a common symptom.
        And also, remember that religious “teachings” are simply regurgitated human-centric dogma. They are designed to control the masses. And keep in mind that just because a few passages in the Bible appear to condemn bestiality does not mean that the Bible as a whole condemns bestiality. See this link for more information.

        “True” religion is composed of nature, and the way a person lives his/her life (i.e. their “inner-self”).

        There are also things which make religion contradictory — for example, how can Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus all be correct when they believe in conflicting doctrines? These religions were created long before people knew what they know now (for example, scientists now know that the Earth is equivalent to a grain of sand on a beach when compared to the rest of the universe — that’s how insignificant it is). It would be arrogant to assume that a “higher power” is automatically “human-like” — i.e. that it posses the abilities of a single species from a single grain of sand. It arrogantly ignores all the other species on our planet, and the potential specimens of extraterrestrial life that may exist elsewhere in the universe (and it also ignores non-living things — for example, what if God is a rock?)

      • Honestly you people have given me alot of faith in humanity back. Such helpfull words from absolute strangers… Bit we aren’t strangers are we? We share similar intrests of course but that’s not all. It’s made me feel alot beter knowing that there are atleast a few people who wouldent have me branded as evil even if I myself do so.

    • That’s true I gta say u are very clues up on religion but did you ever have these feelings of crushing guilt over your. preferences?

  11. There are several reasons why Leviticus does not condom, you. One.Jesus does not CVoindemn. Jesus saves. That means those that have Jesus in them will not condemn, anyone. Two. Jesus does not threw a Stones. Those that condemn compulsively want to throw a stone. To have humans want to use that verse to condemn you are breaking loving your neighber as yourself destroying their neighber with third mouth. In short the ones against the zoosexual are acting like the scribes, and pharisees that followed Jesus to find a fault in him. The perverted, defiled, abominable, deviant, master of confusion is Satan. Those words have nothing to do with sex whatsoever. Even when faced with the law of Moses with humans wanting to throw a stone Jesus ignored them. If I had time I could give you verse after verse saying why it is wrong to persecute you. Those against you are the ungodly ones waring .

  12. Your zoo self is not evil;. The humans hunting you to harm you are evil. I defend all that are oppressed.

    • Aw man you sound like some kind of angel lol funny thing is for all that I knw you are 1 sooo I gta wonder are you a… Uh “zoo” aswel? If so any specific species?

  13. I did not Know to have guilt when I was pleasing dogs etc. When I awakened to know what zoo was I studied it to get to the heart of the zoo, and not just the superficial things I was seeing, and what I found brought tears to my eyes. I saw the hatred, and saw that hatred was evil. What the zoo had was good. Their words, and poetry was very good. I knew all good things came from God, and I determined to fight against darkness that was set against the zoo. God helped me to defend your zoosexual self,and lift the zoo up when others wanted to push you down. I saw Jesus in you. I did not want Jesus to be pushed around by the devil.

  14. You are my neighbor, and God says we must love our neighbor as ourselves. You are also my brother too. Our brother is anyone on this planet. I am a zoo. I love the dogs. . I would like to make love to a special female dog, but that opportunity has not yet presented its self.

  15. I know what Sam means =^_^=

  16. Sure I have many. The zoo learned of God through the meek non human animals that quietly eat the gifts God gives them never cursing the one who gave them the good gifts. God in spirit is in the non human animals that never left them . The non human animals are as naked as Adam,and eve without guilt too. The zoosexual learned about God communing with the nonhuman animals, and did not even know it. I saw it.

  17. I have to go to bed now. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow.Good night beloved zoosexual friend.^^ HUGS you tight ^^. I am going to a furry convention so I will not be here for a few days.

  18. This Feb 15 Th I will be 56.

    • Ah I’m wondering if you hav a phd in philosohphy or religion? I haven’t been this intelectualy stimulated since I took r.e with with one of the most enlightend men I’ve ever met lol

  19. Yahweh alone teaches me. A PHD from a religious school might as well be called an academy of Beelzebub to learn lies, and all bad things calling them good.

  20. The convention was wonderful. Honest humans are there.. At one point I lost my wallet, and it was returned to lost, and found with all of the money still in it.^^. Good humans are there. Reheboem had many wives, and was a good man.

    Hezekiah university. He did not whore after the false idols that the kings did before, and after him. 2 Kings 18;5, He trusted in the LORD God of Israel; so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor any that were before him.

  21. Both. My fan name in the furry fandom is Artie. I am a white arctic fox.

    • Ah ok u have made me feel Alot beter about my sexual urges I hope to find a horse and fulfil them at some point soon hopfuly

      • And good luk 2 u in findng a cute dogy 2 snuggle up2 I’d introduce you 2 mine but long distance relationships never work hehehe

  22. I really loved this article, i am a teen that is also an equinophilliac, i feel that i can share a loving, emotional bond with an animal (not exclusivly with horses) that i cant with a human, ive never trusted humans, humans cheat and lie and hurt while most animals have nothing but love to give, all i want is to love and be loved, i love animals and am very compationate towards them, i would never hurt one (unless it was for self defence, understandably) i just wish people could see it the same way.

    • Loving hugs for you ^^ Humans that are against the People that have sex with another species act just like the religions that wanted Jesus, and Lazarus dead. Mark 14:1-9 KJV the chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him by craft, and put him to death. Cry’s of death to zoosexuals, bestialists, Pedo’s are also heard. Sodomites are against them wanting bad to be done to them. Gen; 19:9 Humans want worse to happen to zoos, John 12;10 the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death; Good gives good. Arresting is not giving good.
      People are making a whole lot out of nothing out of sex with another species, Why? Bestiality is sex that’s why. Only evil in a human would make a fuss over it. People’s propensity to war is readily acceptable. Retaliation for People comes easily, but mention sex with another species, and people get red in the face resembling the red dragon Satan.

  23. I am baybeau. I have been a zoosexual all my life. I did fall in love with a mare, and we were together for 10 years. She is gone now, and I still am in love with her. It has been 9 years now……I felt I lost a wife. I have never felt like that for any human.

    I have a gelding now, and I enjoy his scent, and body he enjoys some things, but because he is a gelding…. it seems he has not much interest. I cant help be attracted to him, so my enjoyment is mostly hugging and kissing feeling his body against mine. I do enjoy the feel and taste of his pee, so at least I do get something sexual out of it. I think he enjoys the closeness, and my carresing. My next horse will probably be another mare. They really are sexual, just lke the piece written above, they enjoy sex with humans.

    With regards to concent……why is it ok to take a mare and hobble her, force a stallion who she does not like, to breed to her, and make her stand for that. That is conditional rape…. and that is ok. but if a person with love and tenderness have sex with her and she is loving back….. that is considered a crime.
    The other big one is ….. why is it ok to kill and animal, then sell its parts to the public, but if you make that same animal feel good sexual….. then it is considered a crime of sexual abuse. Where is the concent to being murdered…….

    I try to live my life quietly, and enjoy my horse when I can, and also like to sleep with a bridle to bed too. It is just wonderful to feel horsie.
    I love everything about them, scent, sweat, saliva, even pee and manure.
    I am glad to have found so many people just like me out there. Before computers I thought I was alone…..

    • I am happy for the restful calm you obtain from your horse lovers. The word consent is used for one reason, and one reason only. To create conflict. That is all the users of that word want against the zoosexual. They act like conniving scribes, and chief priests against Jesus. What people do not see is that the zoo goes through heart break more often because the zoo is deeply in love with a creature that chronologically does not live as long as we do. People need to see this. Haters of love hate love. They oppress it trying to snuff it out felling justified in smothering it anyway they can. People Against Jesus did the same thing even when Jesus showed love healing a cripple that was lowered down to him through a thatched roof. Those religious people were there like policemen eager to arrest him for doing something that they saw according to Scripture as being wrong. You are right about hobbling the mare for a stallion. The people accusing the zoo need to humble themselves, and repent. The zoo does not do that at all. When no one persecutes anyone all will be godly. People against the zoo desperately need to mind their own business, and then peace will occur. The problem is the enemy of the zoo is not resisting the devil. The breeders should be allowed to do what the breeders do, and the zoo should be allowed to do what the zoo does. That would be being equal. The enemy against the zoo is so unequal it is not funny. They will kill an animal, and chomp on its flesh calling it good. The enemy of the zoo being unequal. The devil in people is unequal. The brain of the enemy of the zoo goes like killing yes, sex no. Jesus lived his life quietly too. Yet again another parallel with Jesus, and the zoo. The smell of my doberman is wonderful to me. His bed is my bed.

  24. I am 16 and attracted to horses. I’ve never had the pleasure of being with one, but I’ve visited horses and felt the fur and smelt the smell, and it lights my loins aflame just thinking about it. I don’t think I’ll ever get to be with one, though. I’m in a low income family. I’m 16 and I LOVE horses. I dream about them all the time and the very sight of them arouses me. I feel terrible about my feelings for them, but then I’m also aware that I can’t help it. I wish I could just get to find one to spend forever with. I don’t think I’d even miss women. The point is, what can I do to take actions on my attractions? I would, if I could, but horses are so expensive. I need advice

  25. WTF?!? This is sick! God isn’t real. and neither is love for horse penis

  26. Thanks for these wonder post… I think that maybe i’m sexual hybrid because i love women and animals and find myself attracted to female zoos… For me, the mare ( donkey,mini,pony,jenny ect.) and for women the dog.. Dogs can do so much more physically for a woman than i can,. And i’ve never found a woman with vaginal muscles to rival that of a mare… Maybe i’m a “ZOOMAN”….

  27. I literally think about horse and donkey dicks almost all day everyday…I’d seriously kill to find somebody that owns a few male horses or even just one and would either be willing to let me mess around with them sexually or would be down to mess around with them with me….you’d think Texas would be an easy state to find a horse to please, but everyone here is country and own several guns….which is why I’m too scared to ask and completely terrified of just doing it without asking once I find one…If there’s anybody in here that are living in TX that wouldn’t mind helping a young, nervous guy fulfill his biggest sexual fantasies, please reply so we can exchange numbers and discuss directions. I’m not picky about your gender so men and women are welcome to help if they’d like to, plus I’d be down to repay the favor if need ;) Please help, this is literally making me depressed and I’m getting really tired of fantasizing about it and crying about not being able to express these pinned up sexual attractions..

    Sexually Confused Wyatt
    • For that type of thing you should probably go to Beastforum.com (in particular, the “personals” section located near the bottom of the main page — in the “personals” section, there is a subsection for each U.S. state, including Texas).

      Remember: don’t fence-hop (don’t trespass on other people’s property or be will other people’s animals without their permission). Keep in mind that miniature horses are much easier to keep than full-sized horses. Also remember that New Mexico and Nevada are probably more tolerant of equine zoosexuality than Texas (also remember: AVOID Arizona and AVOID Washington state; they are the worst 2 states in the country for zoosexuals due to draconian and bigoted anti-zoosexual laws [and active witch-hunts]).

      I agree that zoosexuality should be accepted and tolerated, but right now most people are ignorant of it and only hear about it in bigoted, intolerant, discriminatory ways from anti-zoosexual hate groups; in addition, most people do not think rationally about it and blindly follow irrational, illogical and prejudicial cultural norms which ostracize zoosexual people and denigrate their lifestyle and/or values. Many of the irrational beliefs people follow are founded on the erroneous and arrogant premise that humans are “above” and “separate” from other animals — this speciesist view is incorrect, yet it is a view that many people have (due to blindly following bigoted cultural and religious beliefs). People should realize that humans ARE animals and that humans are in the same category as other animal species.

  28. Pingback: Zoosexuality: should it be considered acceptable? | Vivid Random Existence

  29. Mares have always been my sexual attraction,reading that mans thoughts about how he viewed and seen things between he and his mare is beautiful. There is nothing wrong with it thats for sure,my mare loves me more then anything on this earth and i love her even more,not just physically but mentaaly too.

  30. I have like female horses and female n male dogs since 1992 and seem too enjoy sexual encounters with both,but not with a stallion yet. I have tried NOT to think about having sex with them but I find it REALLY HARD too ignore my thoughts and feelings toward animals. I don’t have a girlfriend, women don’t seem interested in me at all and it makes me think, can women tell that I like animal sex more. When I see a mares bumm I have wondered if I could feel her pussy and get her wet and horny.The same goes for female dogs, I enjoy a male dogs cock as well.

  31. hi im wise horse my native americen name and i woke up one morning and i fell in love with horses. i just feel loved around them. to prove once and for all horses have feelings of love. one day i came home from work and i get picked on by my fellow two leggeds and i was sad. i have a purebreed tenneie walker named ace and he is the nicest horse ull ever meet and i was geting food sad and alone when i here him behind me and i turn around he walks up puts his head over me left sholder and around the bac of my neak and softly squeezes. that my friends is a genuine horse hug and he knew i was sad and he gave me a hug to make me feel better so they have feeling and they know. yes im a zoo and my relgon gets in the way but ive desided if fear and gguilt come from saten and god wants me to be happy then il have sex with a horse if my hart wants it so bad. the heart wants what it wants. know not saying gods happy about it but i want to be happy. by living in fear u let the devil win. but i love horses not just for the sex but intimately and loving relashionship. as a man loves his wife. BUT MY NUMBER ONE RULE IS if the horse show signs of disapproval. i will not make her have sex. im not a zoo rapest after all i dont need sex to be in the relationship we share. hugz and kissing and rubbing will do. thanks to what i read i feel more right about it. and when the time comes i will share that first sexxual exspiriance with a mare. thank u for making me feel as if there noghting wrong with me. please reply what u think. wise horse

  32. im gonna settle this consentment issue once and for all. i walked up to this mare and i felt over eelled with love and peace. i knew it was wrong to do but this feeling was like noghting ive ever known. listn to that songs noghting ive ever known and here i am by bryan adams and the words describe exsactly how i fell about the mares. anyway i couldnt fight it. i took my finger and stroked her vagina and pushed it in back and forth. here comes the part she consents to it. she then ramed here ass backwords into my finger and she was patisipateing i didnt have to move my finger. she did all the work. thus horses consent. later one day i dont knw why i started fingering her and she shifted sideways and walked forward away from my finger. i tryed two mor times and the same thing. so i put my hands up asif to say alright i get it. and walked away. as i did her ears unpind and walked tword me head ner my hand.i guess she was saying thank u gor respecting my disision. .this was her way of saying no. she let me now and then still. but studyed horse languages from books and turned out i was right. so throug boddy languages they can say yes and no. so ive studyed the motion they make when ther submisive and enjoying and when they dont like what ur doing so i know what to look for. yes i am a horse whisper so i can understand then. all n all horses can consent to sex u s just got to listn and learn there way of saying it instead of waiting for them to talk. hint LEARN THERE LANGAGE! and ull knw if its yes or no in there language. any comments?

  33. I live in the city and do not have horses

    • Reply to “Bob”:

      For that type of thing you may want to visit the personals section of Beastforum.com.

      Also remember that some cities allow a person to own a miniature horse — it depends on the city.

  34. hm

  35. Huh well I really have to thank you for posting this I was starting to think their was something seriously wrong with me… this made me feel alot better knowing I’m not alone. I cant thank you enough for this :) I looked up “I’m sexually attracted to horses what’s wrong with me” thinking it was some kind of mental problem. I was relieved when I read this to know it’s not and I’m not alone. The world is cruel, the world and the media made me think it was totally wrong and I should hate my self and that their is no such thing as a mare consenting but this has new thinking about it in a whole new way! I don’t feel wrong and I don’t feel ashamed any more.

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