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As of the time of this writing, I have not met anyone who specifically defines themselves as a “zoosexual”. This is probably because zoosexuality is loathed by society. There are no TV shows about it. There are no classes that specifically discuss it. And one is unlikely to ever hear zoosexuality mentioned in a casual conversation. As Peter Singer states:

Heard anyone chatting at parties lately about how good it is to have sex with a dog? Probably not. Sex with animals is still definitely taboo. — Peter Singer, Heavy Petting

Generally speaking, the following is true: if you are gay, you will have a bit of an uphill struggle, but at least there are ways to join support groups (for example, “gay alliance” groups and “gay pride” groups). These days, if one says “I’m gay”, people are less likely to be hateful towards you. However, if one realizes that he/she is zoosexual, then he/she will have a very difficult uphill struggle because zoosexuality
is taboo and not accepted.

And that means that there are no support groups which support zoosexuals.

For example, at many colleges, there are campus organizations which promote tolerance of homosexuals. However, to my knowledge, there are no colleges which have organizations which promote tolerance of zoosexuals. What this means is that zoosexual people remain in their closets and dispersed throughout the world in a disconnected form, connecting only through Internet websites such as This is probably why I have never met a zoosexual person in person — because there is no way to do it. One could attempt to find a zoosexual person by discussing zoosexuality in social environments and seeing if anyone shares their views, but because zoosexuality is taboo, people will usually laugh at it and makes jokes about it and not take it seriously; or they will be scornful of it.

There are thousands of zoosexuals out there, but they are all dispersed and must connect to each other via the Internet — without the Internet, knowledge of zoosexuality would be virtually non-existent. At least with the Internet, people can discuss how they feel to people with similar feelings on forum websites such as beastforum. What’s amazing is that usually, a website with a lot of activity corresponds to something off the Internet. For example, if one goes to a website about buying clothing, there are stores off the Internet where one can buy clothing. Similarly, if there is a website about guitars, then someone can engage in guitar activities off the Internet. However, in the case of zoosexuality, there is nothing that corresponds to it off the Internet. It’s amazing to go to a website like where a thriving community of zoosexual people exists, and then when I get off the Internet, no such corresponding outlet exists in the real world. Zoosexuality truly is unique in this regard; there are very few, if any, comparisons that can be made.

Of course, one could make the argument that zoosexual websites such as do correspond to things off the Internet, such as how to have sex with animals. However, that is not what I am talking about. What I’m taking about are social organizations which deal specifically with zoosexuality. No such social organization exists off the Internet, due to the stigma that society has placed on zoosexuality.

As a lifestyle, zoosexuals tend to not get married, because if one cannot find another zoosexual in the real world, how is one going to marry a zoosexual in the first place? Besides, many zoosexuals tend to view their animals (such as dogs and horses) as their wives and husbands (the animals are their de facto wives/husbands). In this sense, there is absolutely no need to marry a human, because the zoosexual person is not attracted to humans. Because zoosexual people have such strong bonds with their animals, zoosexual people tend to take better care of their animals than non-zoosexual people.

Although most zoosexuals would prefer to not be around other humans, there are some zoosexuals who attracted to both humans and non-human animals. These people are in a difficult situation because while they can be around animals, it is nearly impossible in our current society to meet another zoosexual human in person, let alone get in a relationship with that person. If a person attempts to get into a relationship with any random person, chances are high that that person will not understand zoosexuality and will be scornful of it (the person will probably say something like “that’s gross” or some other intolerant, ignorant comment). And, chances are that if a zoosexual gets into a relationship with a non-zoosexual human and reveals his/her zoosexuality to that non-zoosexual person, the non-zoosexual person will ditch the zoosexual because he/she will view the zoosexual as a “pervert”. The only way for a stable relationship to form between a zoosexual and a non-zoosexual human is if the zoosexual is lucky and the non-zoosexual becomes open-minded and tolerant of the other’s zoosexuality.

Because one can’t “settle down” and live the “traditional life” as a zoosexual, this makes it very difficult to get into a relationship with another human — a human who most likely has the prejudicial, ignorant views of zoosexuality that most people have. Until zoosexuality stops becoming taboo, it will be very difficult for zoosexual people to meet each other in person, and it will be very difficult for zoosexual people to get into relationships with each other.

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  2. Don’t worry man, I hear you! :) I’m a zoo myself and I have plenty of haters because of it! :( I just simply tell them to STFU or GFY! :)

  3. I understand completely with this. I am a zoosexual and have been for a while. Though people don’t understand and to be perfectly frank I expect them not to. We just want to be free in what we do. We are not rapists of animals or some pervert

  4. I am 45 and have been zoo aware since my early teens! i always will be,think i can talk to family about people cant see horses or dobermans like i do, they see them as pets. i have experienced love from a horse and have seen that horse keep other horses away from me. Dont anyone who comes across this site be ashamed of being a zoosexual, just be careful who you trust with this close to the heart information

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