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In any conversation that people have, there are 3 basic “levels”. Here are those levels:

Level 1: Talking about other people. This form of conversation is the most common among humans. Usually, level 1 dialogue manifests itself in trivial gossip. Apparently, 67% of all conversations on planet Earth involve gossip of some kind. This level of conversation is noted for it lack of intellect and simplicity.

Level 2: Talking about events. This level of conversation isn’t nearly as simple-minded as Level 1 dialogue, and deals with events (for example, a conversation two people have about a trip they went on, or about a festival that took place where in the community where they live).

Level 3: Talking about ideas. This level of the conversation is the least used in our society, probably because it requires the most abstract thinking, and most people either aren’t capable of thinking at Level 3, are too lazy to do it, or haven’t even thought of doing it (which is why they remain at Level 1). Level 3 conversations typically involve ideas, such as those discussed in religion and philosophy. “Can God build a wall he can’t jump over” is an example of a Level 3 topic.

Note: Sometimes, there can be a mixture of levels; for example, a “Level 1.5″ conversation would be a discussion involving people and an event, such as a city election.

The next time you have a conversation, think about what “level” you are talking in.

5 responses to “3 levels of conversation

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  1. Interesting. Three levels, eh? I’ve been just thinking about how evolutionarily things trimerge – that is, emerge in threes. It is a new Law of Nature, and your post provides additional empirical evidence of its existence. Thanks!




  2. nalezy sprawdzic:)

  3. As an aside, IK, jokes also frequently have threes in the punchline, and it is a perfect balance for the needs of humor, or, if A, and B, then C.

    Stuck in conversations with level 1 or 2 types is enormously frustrating if it goes for any length, like with house guests or business associates. The problem, as I’ve experienced it, is there aren’t many people with sufficient intellectual candle power to go to or remain at level 3. If once or twice in such a person’s life they hit level three, it is an epiphany, likely to be remembered for life and to even guide life’s course for the person. It would seem that on Earth, the Bell Curve for intellect is weighted to the low end.

  4. thank y0u for the inf0rmaTion you gave :))
    ..thank”s a l0t

  5. I thought there were five levels but I am hard pressed to recite them. I thought talking about things, possessions, etc. was right after “people” and #2…..events # 3……feelings and thoughts # 4 and ideas #5.
    Sounds pretty good….maybe I do remember after all. Always nice to find someone who can get to 4 or 5.

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